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We place emphasis on managing investment companies based on their focus and goals. Our activities and personal participation create value.

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OiiO Group

The OiiO Group was founded in 2014. Today, it focuses on long-term investment into Science,Engineering,Technology, Research & Development, Humanity, Innovation & Invention and Alternative Energy. OiiO Group is one of the largest employers in the region and provides jobs to more people.

From local to multinational company

OiiO is active on more than 10 markets throughout BD and has offices in Bangladesh, UK and USA . OiiO Group focuses on business opportunities where our professional abilities can be leveraged. We take a very active role in managing investments and companies we are involved in.

Key Figures 2016 (BD)

  • Net profit 200 
  • Cumulative revenue 7.6 
  • Total assets 10.5 

OiiO Group Story

Corporate structures

OiiO Group's legal structure has changed several times since its foundation in 2016. At the moment, OiiO Group's investment portfolio is managed by companies based in the Bangladesh, UK, and USA.